• Bone Broth – What Are the Benefits

    Bone Broth – What Are the Benefits Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health – Feb. 28, 2017 When I first heard of bone broth, I wasn’t really sure it was something I would enjoy. Yet, I did at first make it as a soup stock, which is great as well. But until recently, I didn’t give into the understanding of the healthy value of something that can so simply be made at home. The process might be time consuming, yet the benefits are a nutrient rich food staple. It provides an excellent source of minerals that support the immune system as well as improve digestion. “Many of our modern diseases appear to be rooted in an unbalanced mix of microorganisms in our digestive system, courtesy of an inappropriate and unbalanced diet that is too high in sugars and too low in healthful fats and beneficial bacteria.” (Mercola) There are many ways in which we can obtain our calcium rich foods, such as that in green leafy vegetables, which I enjoy with kale and bok choy. These are two vegetables I add into my own bone broth, even the stems of the plants. Between both the plant (vegetables) and animal […]

  • Fruit and Produce Selection & The PLU Meaning

    Fruit and Produce Selection & The PLU Meaning Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health – Feb 22th, 2017 When attempting to eat healthy, with all that we know and have heard about pesticides and GMO’s, it can still be daunting in trying to decipher what is the best choice when selecting our produce. What also complicates matters is when our food budgets are not flexible enough for us to go all organic. There is nothing wrong with going all organic, in reality it is the best option, yet not always economical for many household budgets. This does not mean that you will not be able to enhance your health by choosing other healthy produce. While shopping, do not ignore the organic section, as I have often found that some items are less costly in comparison and sometimes with the most satisfying flavors. When possible stay away from the bagged salad produce, unless you find this is your best option and something you enjoy. I have personally found them to be less appealing for quality and flavor. Kale in a sealed bag tends to be the ends, which the one time I did purchased it, I fed most of it to […]

  • The Power Pack of Chia Seeds

    The Power Pack of Chia Seeds By Laura D. Field – February 09, 2017 Who would have thought that a little tiny black, beady type seed could provide such a powerhouse of added health benefits? In addition, for those with health issues requiring elimination or reduction of gluten foods, Chia seeds are a whole grain food that is 100% gluten free. Grown natively in South America, Chia seeds were an important food sources for the Aztecs and Mayans, as they provided them with sustainable energy and strength. Today, it is now considered a supper food, popular worldwide by health conscious individuals. Historically, the Aztec and Mayan diets consisted of chia seeds for their basic survival ration for their warriors. It was believed that one tablespoon of this nutrient would sustain a person for 24 hours. This makes sense to me, only because after consuming chia seeds, I am satiated for a longer period of time. “The Aztecs recognized the medicinal benefits of chia, using it to stimulate saliva flow and to relieve joint pain and sore skin.” (Weil, A. MD) A 1 ounce (28 grams or 2 Tbsp.) serving of chia seeds has 101 kCals and contains: Fiber: 11 grams […]

  • Healthy Green Budget

    I was talking with a woman recently who shared that her attempt to regain her health and lose weight was too expensive. I asked her why she felt that way. In sharing, she said that she spent over $140 on fruits and vegetables and ended up wasting most of it due to the produce going bad. She said, “I simply can’t afford to be healthy”. Well, gee, neither could I if I spent that type of money, but I don’t. The decision for her to buy all the produce was at the recommendation of a consultant that was teaching her how to eat better, but also selling a plan, an idea, along with other supplements. The plan had her actually purchase all this produce with no real guidance. Okay, it is now time to STOP the wheels!! First, it does NOT cost a lot to eat healthy and be healthy. Well, it should not cost $140 for your fruits and vegetables.She was not guided appropriately in “how much” to purchase. When I asked her “why so much?” she shared that her consultant told her what she needed for the week. My goodness!! One simply cannot become healthy if their body […]

  • WAKE up! Lyme disease is real! It is here and does NOT discriminate!

    By: Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health & Reflective Tapestry of Life What will it take for all physicians, as well as citizens, to become educated in the reality of Lyme disease and the impact that it has on so many lives? This is not a short-term disease. WAKE up to all who have doubts. Lyme disease is real, it is here and it does not discriminate. Physicians need to realize and accept their responsibility in the part of this disease. When something this serious is affecting so many, it is time to kick it up a notch in educating everyone. Arrogance will not heal. We are here to heal and to show compassion, not jeopardize the well being of human life. And yet, the best approach for many is to say “If you are still ill, then it is not Lyme”. That is the equivalent of telling any patient, with any disease, that their disease is not real, just because they have not returned to their former health. All citizens need to accept, that what they do not understand, they can educate themselves vs. passing judgment and rejecting others. Too many human lives are being affected by people […]

  • Lyme Disease and Treatment

    Lyme Disease and Treatment By Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health – May 4, 2016 By now, you have heard about Lyme disease, yet might be confused about all the various treatments of the disease. The reason for the variation in how it is treated, along with the confusion of why there are so many methods. Lyme disease itself is a conglomerate of multiple bacterial bugs that drill themselves into hiding, while multiplying and changing as they become accustom to the host (the person or animal who is infected). To treat Lyme disease, the physician needs to truly understand the chemical and biological changes that the person has endured. This is not an easy task, as each person is different, as is their immune system, physical health, unknown longevity of the disease, and what symptoms they are experiencing. You might not even realize you have Lyme disease, yet if you have an infection (not Lyme related, such as a UTI) in which your physician prescribes a short course antibiotic for, the Lyme bacteria responds to that treatment in an effort to protect itself from being killed off. Sure, you might have resolved the infection for which you were being […]

  • Aloe Vera Juice – Lyme, GI and Skin

    By Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health ~ April 21, 2016 A few years back, I was talking with a gentleman about digestive health. In doing so, he shared how including Aloe Vera juice in his daily routine made a difference for him. More recently I have discovered how it has the capacity to help those with Lyme disease who also deal with chronic gut related symptoms. With Lyme, one of the co-infections is that of Babesia, which along with various other symptoms can cause gastroenterological discomfort such as: constipation, recurring stomach ulcers and/or indigestion. This is related to parasites acquired after contracting Lyme disease. (Mercola.com) Yet while researching for the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice, one is able to find a wealth of information on the benefits of what this plant provides. “Aloe Vera is the traditional herb to cure infectious diseases. Aloe Vera juice effectively fights the infection in the human body, and its consumption also improves the metabolic system of the human body. It can remove poison from your body by detoxicating it, and is crucial to cure the ailment.” (FindHomeRemedy) The Benefits of Aloe Vera (Haris): Digestive: contains nutrient compounds that have the same healing properties in […]

  • Avocado’s Pack a Nutritional Punch

    Acocado’s Pack a Nutritional Punch! By Laura D. Field – August 6th, 2015 I’ll be honest, the first time I tried an avocado, I was not left with a desire to try it again. But, after enjoying a salad made with slices of avocado, I soon had a change of heart. Mixed with various vegetables and fruit, I now have my go-to favorite salad. Most of us who are trying to focus on a healthy lifestyle, tend to reach for the nutrients found in the foods that are naturally grown vs. the processed foods that provide a temporary fill along with various additives. With Avocados you not only luck out with a minimum of calories, you gain the fiber fix of feeling full, while also gaining many nutritional benefits. This helps those who are trying to reduce weight as it helps to keeps the cravings at bay. The avocado provides a change in texture which adds variation to our salads, smoothies and other meals. I have read that the outer surface (flesh) is edible, I have yet had the desire to consume this rough texture. Once you easily peel away the outer skin, you are faced with a soft fruit that is easy to […]

  • What Is Up With Gummy Supplements?

    What Is Up With Gummy Supplements? By Laura D. Field – July 27, 2015 The other day while walking through the store, searching for a supplement I take which I normally purchase online, I was completely shocked over the number of available “gummy” type vitamins that are now available and for all ages. The aisle on one side was full of various gummy supplements, and not just a multivitamin for children or the calcium chews for women. My first thought was the effect it can have on ones teeth. My second thought was whether these supplements provided an individual enough nutrition to make it worth the sugar that would be in these delectable treats. Those who provide these to their children, elderly parents, or even take them themselves might be offended by my use of “delectable treats”, although my intent is not to insult. My point is that when we make nutrition all about the “sweetness” and not about actual nutrition, we might be getting away from why supplements are even available. Sometimes we over compensate by being “safe” in taking a multi-vitamin “just in case” we are not getting sufficient nutrition through the foods we consume. Eating healthy with […]

  • Water – Nature’s Health Drink

    Water – Nature’s Health Drink By Laura D. Field ~ Jun 17, 2015 The first beverage that I consume in the morning, then throughout the day, is filtered water. Although I love the smell, I am not a coffee drinker, nor do I drink a large glass of orange juice to start my day. Coffee and other common sources of thirst quenchers cannot substitute the value to which water provides our body. One benefit of drinking a fresh glass of water upon waking, is that it will help to normalize our blood pressure and prepare our stomach for the food we will begin to ingest for the day. Although I personally am an advocate for healthy living, I also believe that people need to enjoy life in order to be completely fulfilled, so I do not critique those who “must” have that first cup of coffee in the morning, or their orange juice with their early morning breakfast. One thing that many overlook though, is that coffee, tea, fruit juice and soda are not water substitutes, as they do not provide the healthy hydration balance our bodies need. The reason is that these beverages have a great deal of sugar and salt […]