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  • Homemade & Simple Foam Soap

    Creating Liquid, Foam, Hand Soap

    By Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health

    A short while back I picked up some foam hand soap. Personally I am not fond of foam soap, as I would rather use a bar of soap or liquid soap, yet my husband discovered that he really liked this. It was one of those moments where I knew I needed to replenish my liquid hand soap, as I did not have time to make some at the time, so I quickly grabbed a bottle while quickly going through the store. I am not a fan of spending hours in a store, so it was a quick scan, pick and go.
    Then, to my surprise upon returning home, I discovered it was foam soap and was a wee bit disappointed. Yet, the hubby was thrilled with it, and I know my grandson likes it to. So, in this situation, “Boys rule”. Although not costly, I still prefer to make my own products from items that I know to be safe and gentle.
    Today I needed to refill the bottle, as my husband who helps with the cleaning, shared that it was empty and asked if I had a “recipe” to make the soap. I am going to share this quick and easy “soap recipe” with you!! It is not expensive to make and you do not need to hoard supplies. 

    This was to fill a 10 oz, foam bottle dispenser. This will NOT work with the regular pump soap bottles. And since I am one to not toss what can be re-used, repurposed, recycled or composted, I simply created a label with the recipe (so that the hubby could make it if I wasn’t around, and yes, I showed him how easy it was to make) and attached it to the bottle.

    Laura’s Foam Soap Recipe for 10 oz Foam Soap Dispenser Bottle

    1 1/4 c distilled water (or boiled water that has cooled) and put in bottle before you add the next few ingredients.
    2 Tbsp Castile soap (yes, you read that right, just 2 Tbsp!!)
    1 Tbsp. Jojoba oil, or carrier oil of choice (and that can be baby oil if that’s what you have on hand)
    Optional: Up to 25 drops of your favorite essential oils.

    See how quick and easy that was? It took me a matter of minutes as I had all the supplies available and on hand. I hope this is helpful now, during our time of COVID-19 isolation, as well as in the future.

    Stay healthy, stay safe and wash your hands,

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