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  • Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

    Tips for those who suffer with inflammation and other ailments caused by foods: No one desires to sit in a corner and not enjoy the festivities!! That’s boring!! Yes, there might be breads, sweets, and a variety of other delightful options that you will want, but that does not mean one must not have fun!! 
    1. Know your limits and consume in moderation.
    2. Look for foods that do not have carbs or sugars
    3. Bring along a dish you can enjoy without worry
    4. Bring along a dessert you made that works for your diet needs.
    5. And, if you “MUST” have that piece of pie, have a sliver slice size, and enjoy it!!
    Things to avoid, if possible, when approaching the celebratory time with family and friends. I know from personal experience, the smells are the first to break our ability to resist the dark side of temptations, then it is the beautiful displays of edibles that call us to their side of satiable lust of foods.
    1. Breads, a hard item to ignore on the table, as there seems to be some amazing bread options out at the holidays  – carbs contribute to inflammation issues. Consider gluten free bread as an option, but know that it is still a carb and can contribute to inflammation.
    2. Desserts with sugar. Even for me this is a tough one. My daughter and I make gluten free items, so that is a help in our family, but that does not mean all desserts exclude sugar. She loves to make sugar cookies and she does an amazing job with them. One would not know that they are gluten free.
    3. Enjoy the fresh veggies and fruit!! If there is a snack table filled with fresh fruits and veggies, snack on these, and add to your dinner dish from this selection of food.
    4. Choose veggie dishes, but be cautious of the added ingredients. We tend to have plain veggies on the table where people can add butter if they choose.
    5. Moderation on the stuffing and side dishes with added breads, creams, etc.
    6. Avoid soda’s and other carbonated drinks. There is a lot of sugar in these drinks. Consider a healthy fruit drink or smoothie that will help not only fill you but also reduce your cravings.
    7. Avoid cream based soups, and consider broth based, as these will fill you while reducing the cravings.
    8. Moderation on the cheese and cheese dishes or avoid completely.
    It is really difficult to resist what triggers fond memories of past holidays or childhood moments of joy. When we were children, we had all sorts of energy so we would burn off those few extra cookies, but yet, we also did not consume the same as we do as adults.
    As we become adults, we also have additional responsibilities that come with a variety of stress. One of the key components of illness and obesity. Stress also tends to create the cravings that cause us to over-consume, and more often draw us towards the carbs and sugars.
    Consider drinking water throughout the day, as this will also keep you feeling full until it is time to sit down and enjoy your meal together.

    I bet you are wondering what this lady, behind the keyboard, is having for her holiday enjoyment. I am all about transparency, so here goes:

    1st small family gathering: I am bringing quiche. That’s right!! I am bringing two versions and making my husband one to have over the upcoming week. They will all have bacon, onions and broccoli, eggs, salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika. The one’s I am bringing will not have mushrooms, but the one for my husband will have them. One quiche will have cheddar cheese and whole milk, while the one I am making for my daughter (and myself) will be crustless and using Daiya brand milk-free cheese and almond milk. Just because it is “better” for me, I will still limit myself to a sliver because I LOVE quiche yet I will also enjoy a salad!! I will also be bringing a salad of mixed greens, avocado’s, peppers, etc.

    2nd family gathering near New Years: I will again be bringing salad fixings, but will be in a “make your own” salad dish, as the plan is to have taco’s. As a family, we all tend to bring something. Taco’s is not an expensive dish, allowing everyone to choose what they would like to bring, while the host prepares the meat portion. I’m looking forward to Taco day, as I will make a nice salad and top it off with some taco meat.

    My husband and I will be home together on Christmas, as the girls and their families are a distance from us, some are working, etc. So, we will enjoy a quiet day together as we did last year. Our meal will be a roasted chicken with plenty of veggies. I will use the left over chicken, to make a stir fry, adding in broccoli, mushrooms, onions, etc. for our next evening’s meal.

    So far I have not made any desserts, but I am considering making some Belgium dark chocolate peanut butter cups and/or mounds. Those particular goodies I make in small batches. Although, I think Belgium dark chocolate is, by far, the best chocolate, and healthy for you, I still have to limit my intake.

    Enjoy your holiday time with your friends and family. Enjoy the foods you want to indulge in with moderation. I promise, I will not stand in judgment nor arrive at your door as the patrolling food police.

    Wishing each of you a healthy holiday season!!
    ~ Laura
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