Aloe Vera Juice – Lyme, GI and Skin

Potpourri of Health Georges Aloe Vera JuiceBy Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Health ~ April 21, 2016

A few years back, I was talking with a gentleman about digestive health. In doing so, he shared how including Aloe Vera juice in his daily routine made a difference for him. More recently I have discovered how it has the capacity to help those with Lyme disease who also deal with chronic gut related symptoms.

With Lyme, one of the co-infections is that of Babesia, which along with various other symptoms can cause gastroenterological discomfort such as: constipation, recurring stomach ulcers and/or indigestion. This is related to parasites acquired after contracting Lyme disease. (

Yet while researching for the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice, one is able to find a wealth of information on the benefits of what this plant provides. “Aloe Vera is the traditional herb to cure infectious diseases. Aloe Vera juice effectively fights the infection in the human body, and its consumption also improves the metabolic system of the human body. It can remove poison from your body by detoxicating it, and is crucial to cure the ailment.” (FindHomeRemedy)

The Benefits of Aloe Vera (Haris):

  • Digestive: contains nutrient compounds that have the same healing properties in the lining of our digestive tract as that of the gel used externally for skin healing. It decreases irritation, decrease inflammation, and enhance healing of ulcers within the stomach and intestines. The bonus is that it can increase the healthy bacteria within the intestines, which aid in digestion.
  • Immune: Contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, which help to cleans the body of toxins and pathogens. Aloe vera can also help to reduce the effects of seasonal allergies, rheumatoid arthritis along with many other inflammatory immune disorders.
  • Heart: Internally, aloe vera can improve blood circulation in the body, which has the potential of decreasing total fat levels. In addition, aloe vera has the potential of reducing the fatty deposits and blood clots within the arteries of the heart and body.


  • Diarrhea risk: Due to the aloe latex substance called anthraquinone, aloe vera juice has a laxative affect. This can result in severe pain, cramping and dehydration, which is a reason to discuss this option with your health provider. It is also important to note, that one should be aware of the purity of their aloe vera juice along with its design for internal use.
  • Drug interactions: All herbal supplements, which aloe vera juice is in the family of, can interfere and adversely affect any prescription and OTC medications. Another reason to discuss your use of this product with your care provider before ingesting.

What many are unaware of is that both our skin (our largest organ) and gut work together to transmit substances in and out of the body. They work together in that the skin protects us from the transdermal entrance to our body, while our gut processes the food and other substances that enter through our mouth. When our protective barrier, within our gut (a.k.a. probiotic layer) is compromised, our intestinal tract can result with an inflamed allergy like reaction to our immune system. Some individuals experience diarrhea, others constipation, leaky gut, etc. Due to the fact that our skin and GI system works together, the inflammation within can appear externally through our skin as Eczema. (Haley)

What is amazing, in my opinion, is that our body was amazingly designed. With this covering of skin, one doesn’t often stop to think of it as an organ, yet this covering, with three layers, provides waterproofing, insulation, the guardian from extreme temperatures, damaging sunlight and harmful chemicals. In addition it exudes antibacterial substances that prevent infection while manufacturing the vitamin D, which converts to calcium for healthy bones. (National Geographic)

The skin is an amazing organ, yet with its connection to our gut health, it is essential for us to care for our bodies and be attentive to what is going on. It is through this research that I made the correlation of why I have the sensitive skin issues while also dealing with GI issues and Lyme disease. Yes, there are some food allergies that can cause cramping, yet generally not related to my skin.

In an effort to aid in healing my Chronic Persistent Lyme disease, and the constipation that I experience, I learned a little more about Aloe Vera Juice. There are many over-the-counter (OTC) and pharmaceutical medicinal remedies available for our choosing, yet as I clean my body from the spirochetes of Lyme and co-infections, I was pleased to discover that Aloe Vera juice, along with garlic, prunes, prune juice and other herbs and nutrients to be natural options that are both affordable and healthier for our bodies, while also providing additional nutritional benefits.

Please keep in mind, consuming anything in excess, can have severe side effects. The goal with constipation is to keep things moving, not to chase things out with force, like that of white water rafting. So, please be kind to your body when choosing Aloe Vera Juice as an option to help with your GI concerns. Start slow, mix in with a smoothie or drink alone. I recently tried George’s 100% Aloe Vera, which has no bitter or unpleasant taste, along with no preservative or other additives. I am sure that there are other quality products on the market, yet this is the one I decided upon while selecting some new supplements & herbal treatment for my healing.

Herbals are fascinating and provide a wealth of health benefits. Yet, even with herbs, as with pharmaceuticals, one can take too much or not enough. Done correctly for your body and medical needs, it will benefit you in maintaining your desired healthy life style.

And believe it or not, some people who grow their own Aloe Vera plant use it to make their own juice. I’m ready to add a few Aloe Vera plants to my garden this year for the additional health benefits along with the added character to my gardens.

Enjoy, be safe and be healthy,


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