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Welcome to my potpourri of health page, where I will share my passion for health and wellness, including gluten, milk & egg free recipes, essential oils, blog postings, as well as resources that I find to be quite beneficial.

My personal philosophy on health came about during a time in which my body felt as though it was failing me. At the age of 46, with three children, I was over 60 pounds overweight, where my medical records claimed that I was obese. It was at that point I made a decision to look at what I could do to enhance my health and wellbeing while bringing my weight back down to a level where I felt healthy again.

I believe in eating well, with nutritious and wholesome foods, exercising, while making choices that will enhance our ability to enjoy life and our surroundings. We all have struggles in life, yet making choices to pick ourselves up and begin again, allows one to see the capabilities they have within.

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