Avocado’s Pack a Nutritional Punch


Acocado’s Pack a Nutritional Punch!

By Laura D. Field – August 6th, 2015

I’ll be honest, the first time I tried an avocado, I was not left with a desire to try it again. But, after enjoying a salad made with slices of avocado, I soon had a change of heart. Mixed with various vegetables and fruit, I now have my go-to favorite salad.

Most of us who are trying to focus on a healthy lifestyle, tend to reach for the nutrients found in the foods that are naturally grown vs. the processed foods that provide a temporary fill along with various additives. With Avocados you not only luck out with a minimum of calories, you gain the fiber fix of feeling full, while also gaining many nutritional benefits. This helps those who are trying to reduce weight as it helps to keeps the cravings at bay.

The avocado provides a change in texture which adds variation to our salads, smoothies and other meals. I have read that the outer surface (flesh) is edible, I have yet had the desire to consume this rough texture. Once you easily peel away the outer skin, you are faced with a soft fruit that is easy to peel and enjoy.

Keep in mind, that one serving size of an avocado is approximately 1/5 of a medium fruit. Personally, I find it difficult to limit myself to 1/5 of this fruit. Yet, I have no reason to feel guilty if I choose to eat half a fruit or the whole one depending on when I eat and the activities I have for that particular day.

One serving size of avocado has 50 calories with a total fat of 4.5 grams of fat with the saturated fat being at 0.5 gram. This low amount helps to keep ones cholesterol levels in check.

Since our bodies already make cholesterol, we do not “need” to add more to the mix. Avocados have no cholesterol, no sodium, and no sugar leaving us with some amazing nutritional benefits, which include 27 mcg of Folate, 44 iu of Vitamin A, 2.6 mg of Vitamin C, 4 mg of Calcium, 150 mg of potassium along with various other nutritional benefits. The only negative is that it has no protein, yet since it is best to have a well-balance and variable diet, there are plenty of healthy options to include within ones diet in which we can obtain that nutrient.

For those who have dietary issues, such as gluten, milk, and egg type sensitivities, like I do, this fruit comes without any of those concerns!!

So what about the health benefits of including avocados within your diets. Five of the top benefits of consuming this easy to eat, easy to prepare fruit include:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Healthy skin
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Aid a diabetics lifestyle while also associated with reducing one’s risk of diabetes
  • Arthritis and the inflammation that is associated with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Add some sliced avocados to you salad, mix in with your smoothie, make a spread or dip for your healthy crackers and/or dipping veggies

Choose to be healthy!!

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