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Laura D Field of Potpourri of Health – 2018

Hi!! My name is Laura and I live in Penacook, NH with my husband of 35 years. We have three grown daughters with whom we are very proud of. In each of their field of interest: Special Needs Educator, Photographer & Media Arts, and Psychology, they each focus on the well being of children and capturing the joyful smile that comes from the heart of a child who desires to shine.

I am a Christian and enjoy writing, sewing, crochet, gardening, hiking, spending time in the mountains or ocean side along side my husband. I always seek to find and write about the positive in life. I am a paid freelance writer, blog writer, and currently writing an inspirational book on the positive outcome of overcoming difficult challenges.

My passion for health has always been active from when I was younger. I had a strong desire to become a RN, yet the path that I was on, led me on another journey soon after high school. Although not on the school track team, I would run 5 miles daily, exercise and always seek healthy options when provided. Running  and music (Flautist, Alto Sax, and Alto voice) were my therapy in dealing with the stresses of life.

I grew up in Southwick, MA where I met my husband in high school. We married in May 1980 when I was 19, moved to ME for a year, before settling in NH. We were married 6 years prior to starting our family.

With each pregnancy, I was attentive to the foods that I ate (even consuming peas which I absolutely abhor, to which both my husband and daughters continue to tease me about as they each love them) and exercised faithfully at the local gym. I wanted each child to be healthy the moment they entered the world. I’m not sure if it was consuming various fruits and vegetables during my pregnancy or that there were always two options on our dinner table, but to this day I delight in that our daughters enjoy various vegetables and fruits.

Some triggering events that made me more intent on Living a Healthy Lifestyle:

Growing up, my mother was always on a yo-yo diet, and when she lost weight, looked pale and lethargic. The loss never lasted as the scales tipped back in the opposite direction. After leaving home, although provided balanced meals when I was younger and my ability to get out in run, I chose to establish a different approach to eating.

In 1989, our middle daughter began getting frequently ill with chronic ear infections, horrible coughs, and difficulty breathing. There is nothing worse than seeing your child struggle to breathe. At the age of two, despite weekly trips to the pediatrician, we almost lost her due to the environmental factors that made breathing difficult for her, causing her to have a life threatening pneumonia. Anytime she was near someone who smoked, it was an immediate trigger to those allergens that made it necessary to seek medical attention, due to her inability to breath.

What we did not learn at that early age, we later learned around 2005, was the cause for her needing antidepressants at a young age. Every few months they would increase her dose of depression medicine. I asked them a few years into this “game” why the constant increase, and was told that it would increase the rest of her life as her body adapted to each dosage. That did not fly well with this mama…at ALL!! I sought out a natural MD who after asking various questions tested her for milk allergies. The result was mind-boggling. Milk was like a drug to her body. We all have morphine in our body, yet the more she consumed of milk products, the more depressed she became due to her physiological response to milk which was fueling the increased morphine her body was creating. Choosing to be pro-active, ALL milk products were removed including milk chocolate and shredded cheese in her daily salads which was devastating for her yet quickly learned to enjoy pure dark chocolate. Basically, everything that had casein in it was removed from her diet. Within three months, she was off all antidepressants.

Despite all my efforts to keep things in control, I easily gained weight with the stress of working, homeschooling, balancing home life, etc., with my weight topping the scale at 198. Not my proudest accomplishment in life, but determination turned that around.

In 2006, my body was exhausted and weak, but not just from the stress, but also due to two years of fibroid difficulties that resulted in surgery. Going into surgery overweight, I asked my surgeon if he could remove some of that excess fat that had accumulated. His response was a turning point for me “If you want to lose the weight, you will have to first determine that you WANT to lose it”. It was not long after that procedure I lost 50 pounds (6 months). I was determined to regain my health.

Although I did regain 20 pounds in 2008, I worked on getting rid of the excess weight (and a few extra) in order to return to my pre-pregnancy weight of good health. Plus, the added bonus was to reduce the stress to my joints and bladder. I will never run again, but I have the ability to enjoy walking and exercising on a daily basis. I honestly believe that when we force ourselves to exercise, even when we are tired or have pain, we are helping ourselves from becoming chronically ill, becoming “stuck” in pain, aiding in our own ability to prevent disease.

Much of my diet consists of gluten, milk and egg free options. In addition, I enjoy using 100% essential oils and have found them to be quite effective for various situations. I am quite selective in what supplements I take, choosing natural products, and do not fall pry to “programs” of nutritional supplements that rob one of their financial resources.

The motivation behind this blog/web-site in in part two-fold. I believe in our ability to be healthy, and it pains me greatly when I see another struggling to walk or breath due to their weight or health issues. It also concerns me to listen to others who are on multiple medications that might possibly not be needed if different food choices were made. In addition I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Persistent Lyme Disease (Dec. 2014). For years I would complain to my physicians, and although tests proved some underlying causes, my pain levels were higher than they would expect. Other tests ruled out diseases. I actually got to the point of accepting that my body was simply tired and I needed to accept that I was 54 and no longer 26.

I will share a little on my receiving the Lyme diagnosis in a blog post, but one of the key elements in healing is to adhere to a regimen of antibiotics for long-term, something that was difficult for me to accept but necessary to kill the bacteria. In addition, I am grateful for my gluten, milk and egg free diet, which benefits in the healing, requiring that the only change I needed to make was to decrease the processed sugar to aid in the prevention of yeast issues.

Although I do have over four years in medicine (LNA & CST), I am not a licensed nutritionist, a registered nurse, nor a physician. I fully believe that to have these professionals in our back pocket is not only essential but also beneficial in helping us achieve optimal health. In saying that, I do believe that our health is 70% of our own responsibility with our maintaining a healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices, exercise and other lifestyle choices. The other 30% is hereditary and environmental. Physicians are the key to understanding our bodies and how we can help maintain our quality of life.

How I have chosen to remain healthy:

My diet consists mostly of fruit, vegetables, nuts, healthy oils and healthy options of protein. In addition, I drink a healthy volume of water a day, as my main beverage. I limit dairy alternatives, yet obtain my calcium from some of the foods I consume. I do take a few supplements but also use chia seeds, flaxseed, and other options to enhance my diet. In addition, I exercise daily, most often two times a day (walking a total of 6 miles combined with calisthenics, stretching, and/or light weights). When pain prevents the normal activities, I still find a way to get some form of exercise in, although not as intense.

My place to workout and exercise is my home and the outdoors. I do not spend resources on a club membership, and have found that a good exercise mat, low weights, resistant bike, stairs and walking inside or out, to be sufficient for my exercising needs.

In addition, I do get annual exams and am an open book to my physicians and specialists. I believe that if there is something that could be helpful in their ability to guide me to optimal health, they need to know. The relationship I have developed with my health care providers is transparent with their understanding for my desire to attempt all natural options first.

May your choices provide you optimal health,

Laura D. Field



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