Starting New with Continued Focus – 2018

Starting the New Year with Continued Focus on Health

By Laura D. Field of Potpourri of Heather – January 1, 2018

As I move forward in 2018, I will be sharing a wealth of information that I have studied over the last few years while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also learning how to better handle my disease of Chronic Persistent Lyme disease.

A controversial disease, where some health care providers turn and run, while the few remaining desire to see their patients improve their health. One element of Lyme disease is that it affects everyone different. Symptoms vary as do the treatment plans. Some patients can handle antibiotics where others are unable to tolerate them.

Although I will discuss various health topics, my starting point for 2018 will be to discuss how herbs benefit our well being along with how we can naturally consume our vitamins through our food intake, versus consuming bottles of pills.

My reasoning is that we were born to consume foods naturally available to us. When we focus on fruits and vegetables, protein and herbs, we can aid in the reduction of potential diseases, reduce inflammation, reduce weight and/or maintain a  healthy weight, and increase energy.

Although a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy foods might not prevent all diseases or health conditions, it does give our bodies the power, through nutrients and good health, to better manage our overall health along with any health challenge.

Please know, I will not disrespect health care providers in sharing that we do not need their care. That is the opposite of what I believe. As consumers of health, we are the ones ultimately responsible for our health, and they are the resource to help us maintain our quality of life, and when the need arises, they are there to help us reach our goals in healing.

I do respect that our earth can provide us with a great wealth of options to maintain our health as well as provide some natural methods of healing. I personally use a variety of herbs along with essential oils in order to compliment my choice in how I care for myself and family. In sharing that, my goal for this Potpourri of Health blog, is to share knowledge gained with reliable resources and through personal experience.

May this new year bring health, happiness and balance to you.

~ Laura

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