The Sleepless Hours of Unrest with Lyme Disease

May 11, 2017

Another sleepless night arrives, maybe acquiring 1-2 hrs, to only be woken by pain, the need to empty one’s bladder, or simply your body deciding for you that you have acquired enough rest for the evening. On some occasions the alertness arrives due to the sudden awakening as the result of a vivid dream that makes absolutely no sense at all!!

Ah, the joys of Chronic Persistent Lyme disease. I don’t envy anyone who has it. But more than that, despite my efforts to find the joy in life between the varying obstacles of this disease, I really wish that this side effect of the disease and treatment would resolve itself.

Tonight, I am finding that the bugs of Lyme are affecting many of my Lyme friends who are dealing with the same demon wreaking havoc on our ability to heal (a.k.a. sleep). You see, we NEED sleep. We WANT sleep!!

So what do we do? We try everything, and personally, since I am already on prescription antibiotics, the last thing I want to throw into the mix is more medication to sleep. So that is not an option for me.

With guidance from our LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), or other informed medical provider we have come to trust, we seek their advice, and sometimes finding other potential helps. Most frequently we find ourselves in the health food store and reading reliable resources about supplements, herbals, tinctures and other potential methods to find rest.

One method that does occasionally help me is to take a hot detox bath (Epsom salts, sometimes add in some baking soda, along with an essential oil such as Ylang, Ylang and Lavender), a massage from my husband, and a hot cup of chamomile tea. When this stopped working, I started to add in supplements as discussed with my LLMD along with some herbals I tried on my own after researching and making sure they had no interactions with my medications or other supplements I take.

I have come to the conclusion that I might simply need to mix things up a bit and try to mess with the bugs the way they mess with me. I will still stay on course as prescribed by my LLMD, but my next approach is to change the supplement, herb or tincture when after a few nights I end up with no sleep again. Will it work? I haven’t a clue but when one is unable to obtain more than a few hours rest for a few nights, you seek other potential options.

Well, the sun is rising, looking as though we will be an overcast day. Today I have a list of things I desire to accomplish in addition to a physiatrist appointment and some sewing work. By mid-afternoon, my yawning exercise will begin, helping to keep my jaw and facial features looking young. But for now I will head off for a shower to wake up this body of exhaustion in order to obtain that genuine joy for living smile.

Hoping for a more restful night, not only for me, but also for all those with Lyme who suffer while trying to heal.


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