Welcome to Potpourri of Health

My goal in creating Potpourri of Health is to share what knowledge I have learned along my path in life. My hope is that what you discover through reading the different blog posts, recipes, and other resources, is that you might be inspired to maintain or regain your own health.

My personal philosophy in life, in regards to health, is that we choose whether to be healthy. This does not imply that we are able to eradicate what occurs naturally in life. But, I do find that despite the different health obstacles we might face, there are natural means to feel better or get well, yet there are also necessary medical interventions that play a large role in maintaining our quality of life.

Quality of health is about having the ability to have balance in your work, social and family life. It is also about having the ability to make choices in how you desire to manage your health.

I encourage you to follow along, comment where you are led to comment (please share at least a first name) and ask questions that hopefully I can answer. Please remember, I am neither a physician nor a licensed nutritionist. I am, however, a believer in eating well, exercising, having a place to relax and regroup when necessary, and having strong positive relationships, as well as faith.

It is essential in having physicians and care givers you can trust and confide in, who listen and support your decisions, while always guiding you to what they have learned works for the majority of their patients. As a patient, always listen openly to their guidance, and ask questions in order for you to make an informed decision.

I hope that you enjoy what you read on this blog, maybe even try some of the recipes. Please note that many of the recipes will be gluten, milk and possibly egg free due to personal and family food sensitivities.

Enjoy and be healthy